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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Create a bootable usb

A bootable usb is a very useful tool to have :
  • You can use it as an installation media instead of a DVD , usb is faster and more portable than CD/DVDs and you can use it on computers that have no CD/DVD drives !
  • Can be used for startup repair and solve problems when your PC is not booting at all !
First we need to make a usb bootable , there are many ways to do this but i have an application to make things easier .
Download the application  here

let me explain how to use it:

1) run the application as an administrator
2) insert the usb you want to configure
3) now you have a bootable usb

Notes : i have no responsibillity for any harm that could be caused , you use it at your own risk :)

if you have questions , feel free to ask me
Download Bootable USB Creator

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